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Joined 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

I had one of the most stiff profiles in all Hubville.  When I first joined this community I had the impression this was sort of a corporate ladder, linkedin kind of site... So, if you've read my previous profile, I promise it won't happen again.

I am your inquisitive mind, adventurous, hyper, gypsy-spirited woman. Live, love, laugh had been a divine Trinity throughout my life.  Of course, one is not deprived from ups and downs in life, but I have to say I am most grateful of my path so far.

I have three blessed children, whom I have the privilege to mother... Divorced twice, not that I carry too much baggage for that matter... I strive for half glass full.  I truly believe the Universe answers your requests, so wish carefully.

There are so many ways to earn money online... with emphasis on EARNING...

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Rather read me in Spanish?


crazywicca.blogspot.com - My real CrazyGata thoughts, unedited

wiccanlatino.blogspot.com - Meditations for the everyday Hispanic Pagan

loizapr.blogspot.com - News and analysis of Loiza municipality and Puerto Rico

In English! wiccanthink.blogspot.com - My two cents for my Pagan sisters and brothers

Mithra anyone?

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    How to Say No to a Friend That Asks for Money

    3 years ago

    If the Department of Defense had the power to say no, there would've been no need to bring our troops home, because they would've never left. When it comes to friends and relatives asking for money, look at it as the...

  • 9

    Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: Jane Elliot's Human Experiment

    3 years ago

    Mrs. Elliott taught in a school during segregation. Her students were all white. The first day of her two day lesson, she exalted how brown-eyed people was better than blue-eyed people. The expressions on the little...

  • 10

    Organ donors mostly benefit the wealthy

    3 years ago

    How come organ donors are not allowed to be rewarded for their organs but there are large amounts of monies paid for "organ procurement fees"? A kidney, for example, could represent up to $80,000 in said...

  • 32

    Why a Christian became a Wiccan, a testimony

    3 years ago

    Words, mantras, prayers... are all very powerful things... I am telling you this because, even though I am not a Christian anymore, I want to state that I've had my own set of firsthand experiences, and I don't...

  • 18

    My ten year old saw me having sex... What!?

    3 years ago

    What do you do if you know your children has been spying on you while you have sex? This is a true story about what I did, and how my daughter my sex and I lived happily ever after.

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    He planned on smoking weed and THEN join the military

    3 years ago

    When my 19 year old son told me that his plans for the future were to smoke marijuana while in college, and then quit using it before joining the Air Force, I didn’t know where the air in my lungs went. We...

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